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Big Bad Breath: Tips to Improve Your Oral Health

What could be worse than bad breath? There’s no quicker way to turn someone off…oh the horror! If you think keeping gum in your purse is the answer, you’re wrong. Read on for strategies to help you beat bad breath and improve your oral health.

BIG_BAD_BREATH_WB_BNR Don’t Use Gum And Mints As A Crutch

Oftentimes, people opt to fight bad breath through the use of aids such as chewing gum and mints. While these can be somewhat effective, it’s kind of like putting on perfume instead of taking a shower, and they don’t prepare you to practice good oral habits. Address the real issue.

Consider Your Diet/Medications

It’s obvious that foods like garlic and onions don’t do your breath any favors. But sometimes, our everyday diet and medications can be an internal cause. Low-carb diets are notorious for causing halitosis, and many medications have a drying effect on the mouth, decreasing the saliva flow that typically washes your mouth of dead (and funky!) cells. Sometimes certain foods like meat or dairy aren’t being processed by your body correctly, and the problem could originate in your liver or gallbladder. Look deeper into these possible causes, and munch on some fresh fruits and veggies in the meantime.

Get a Tongue Scraper

While many people who want to have great breath focus on brushing and flossing their teeth, they often overlook the role that the tongue can play in making our breath foul. Unfortunately, the tongue can house bacteria that contributes to bad breath. However, there is a solution: tongue scrapers. These tiny devices are helpful in the cultivation of good breath because they remove the harmful bacteria that causes mouth odor.


We all know this, so just do it already! Floss reaches areas of the mouth that toothbrushes simply cannot. Make flossing a part of your nightly routine, and you’ll be thankful.

Listen To Your Dentist

As your dentists generally possess extensive education and experience in the field of oral care, it is prudent for you to listen to your dentist when they offer advice regarding how you can keep your mouth clean, and breath fresh. Jenny Miller Dentist Lexington KY says many of the most common problems can be fixed with just a good toothpaste brand.

Although you may think attaining or maintaining good breath and a clean mouth will be difficult, implement a few of these strategies, and your breath will be fresh in no time. Brush on!


Guest author: Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer based in Los Lunas, NM where she writes, runs, and bikes as much as possible. In her research of bad breath she found that Jenny Miller, a Dentist in Lexington KY, says it is most likely caused by a buildup of bacteria which can be solved with more vigorous hygiene and a simple dentist visit.




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