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The Best Celebrity YouTube Workouts

If you’re busy traveling or working non-stop and don’t have time for the gym, no excuses, sister, because YouTube has your workout covered. We all know that exercise helps you sleep better, makes your skin glow,  keeps your heart healthy, among tons of other benefits; but now that bathing suit season is quickly approaching, let’s be honest: those are just bonuses, but really we’re trying to get our abs on.



We all tend to look at models and celeb for hot body inspo, so I love getting an insight into how they train- what motivates them,  what fitness and training regimes do they follow, etc. Thanks to YouTube,  we all have a chance to copy their moves. Here are my Top 4 Celebrity YouTube Workouts that have become part of my workout routine. Let’s do it…

ONE: The Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout
I have two words for you… Candice Swanepoel. The VS Angels are the ultimate in hot body, and they’ll show you how they prefer to train and which areas their workouts target. And who wouldn’t want a bod like Lily Aldridge? C’mon!

TWO: David Kirsch’s Sculpting Workout For Shoulders And Arms
David Kirsch (Celebrity Trainer Extraordinaire) is a so fierce, and he always makes his supermodel clients feel the burn. What I love, love, love about David’s videos is that he really understands how to make his celeb clients look strong yet sexy.

THREE: Natalie Jill’s Chair Workout For Legs
Just check out Natalie’s abs. Seriously. But what I really love is her chair workout for legs. She makes everything look super duper easy, and chair and your own body weight is all you need. Gotta love that.

FOUR: Ballet Beautiful With Mary Helen Bowers
Mary is the ultimate fitness trainer and all of Hollywood has her on speed-dial. Her ballet-inspired workouts are ahhhh-mazing for a long, lean, sculptured body. Mary’s whole-body workouts last around 15 minutes and are perfect to do before an event.

Elle xo

Guest Author: Elle from Impossibly Blonde.

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