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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in Your Skincare Products

Let’s start by clearing this up: don’t let the word “acid” fool you. This is not an abrasive product like salicylic acid. Quite the opposite, really…

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring polysaccharide found in our bodies. Thanks to its unique ability to hold moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid), HA is what helps cushion and lubricate our joints, nerves, hair, skin, and eyes.

The bad news? Our ability to produce HA decreases with age (Gasp!), and that decrease in HA causes dryness, wrinkles, and sagging, among other less superficial things (Tear!).

However, the skincare gods did us a solid, figured this out, and now try to bridge the gap by offering HA in many topical products, from serums to moisturizer to lip balms to makeup. You can even have it injected into your skin to plump lips and wrinkles, but since we’d prefer painless, needle-free benefits, we won’t get into that.

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning it draws water to the skin. Thanks to this, is can help boost moisture content, reduce inflammation, and prevent moisture loss.

Its light and watery consistency makes it a nice alternative for the acne-prone, or anyone looking for a light moisturizer. But as with all other skincare ingredients, HA works better for some than others. If you’re weary, first try it in a product with multiple ingredients as opposed to on its own.

Here are a handful of our favorite products containing HA.

By Terry - Hyaluronic Face Glow

Peter Thomas Roth - VIZ-1000™ 75 percent Hyaluronic Acid Complex

Rimmel - Moisture Renew Lipstick

Skin Ceuticals - Hydrating B5 Moisture Enhancing Gel

derma e - Hyaluronic Acid Rehydrating Spray

Hyalogic - Episilk Lip Balm

Givenchy - Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm

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