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Beauty From The Outside In

What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Do we feel better because we look better OR do we look better because we feel better? Truthfully, I am not sure. But I do know with all my heart that everyone feels better when they improve their appearance…a little or a lot.




Does that equation get stronger as we look much better, rather than just a little better? I will take a big risk and say “Yes, it does.” Even a small improvement like wearing a new pretty lipstick or newly shaped eyebrows can really lift our spirits. However, a major image improvement will not only change how we feel about ourselves but how everyone else feels about us too.

 From everything I’ve studied about the Laws of Attraction, Quantum Physics and Vibrations, how we are received in life is directly affected by how we are perceived. In other words, everything in our experience is a direct reflection of our thoughts and our emotions: what we project outward. The image we project matters. It will directly affect how we are perceived and then of course, received.

 For years, Tony Robbins (world famous motivational and self-improvement expert) has taught about “changing our state.” In my world of image and beauty, the quickest way to change our state is to change our appearance. The moment we can look in the mirror and see a significantly better version of ourselves such as: more beautiful/handsome, more exuberant, more powerful, more modern, more sexy, more relevant, more in style, etc, the more positive we begin to feel. Norman Vincent Peale called this the “As If” principle. When you dress “as if” you then begin to act “as if” and soon you become “as if.”  That is why it’s intelligent to dress the part in life. Stay with me here…

Imagine that you have been on a health improvement path. You’ve been losing weight, exercising regularly, and eating healthier foods. You feel better, but you’re wearing the same clothes, the same old hairstyle, and people aren’t really noticing how great you are starting to look. Worse than that, you begin to wonder if all this hard work is even worth the effort. In other words, you aren’t seeing enough tangible evidence of the strides you’ve made.

But then, someone like me shows you how to dress that new svelte toned body, improve your hairstyle, and help you create the image you’ve always wanted. Like the TV makeovers, you get to see yourself perhaps for the first time looking as beautiful as you’ve always hoped you could. Ah, and then the light inside of you turns on!










You begin to stand taller, walk with more confidence, smile more, as you finally love the way you look. You are happier, so you treat people nicer and they respond with compliments and more smiles than you have had directed at you in years.

You have now entered the “The Look Good Feel Good Zone.” Your newly improved image makes your entire life improve. You finish losing those last stubborn ten pounds. Your career improves, your interpersonal relationships improve, and even your sex life improves. You are more aware of eating healthy so you can keep feeling and looking good. You try to dress well every day now instead of just for a special occasion. Your life becomes more of a celebration instead of dull “to do list.”

Is this transformation shallow and vain? I don’t think so. But who cares? All you know is you feel amazing. Life seems so much better. You smile brightly as all eyes turn to appreciate the new you walking through the door. And that my darlings, feels amazing! Yes, it does.

Guest Author: Eve Michaels is an internationally acclaimed Transformation Makeover Expert at www.EveMichaels.com. For over thirty years, she has been working with men and women around the globe to transform their look and their lives.

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