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Beauty, Body and Brains - The Doctor is IN

Meet three amazing medical professionals who are not only successful in their respected fields but who also live, breathe and practice what they preach. From three different disciplines, each offers a unique insight for happy, fit and healthy living.

Dr. Holly Lucille, a naturopathic specialist, centers her practice on the belief that food is medicine. She doesn’t just dole out nutritional advice, this super savvy raw food practitioner and activist also makes it her life’s mission to help break through the hype and bust the myths that go along with some popular nutrition programs and beliefs.

With an absolute awareness of the human physique, Dr. Robert Walcher is a Chiropractor who is also a national CrossFit competitor.  With an insatiable dedication to fitness and a super competitive drive, this spine and total body health advocate is truly is an inspiration for others, no matter their age, to get in shape and stay fit.

Out of a desire to improve her own skin issues, Dr. Tess Mauricio created several groundbreaking and even age-defying programs that help others make the most of modern technology. Known as America’s Favorite Dermatologist, she works tirelessly to offer great non-surgical options that deliver results so that clients can truly love the skin they’re in.

Get up close and personal with these three in-the-know physicians to learn how you too can live happy and healthy.

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