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Banish Dark Circles with the Top 5 Under-Eye Concealers

While dark under-eye circles can be temporary annoyances due to stress or a hangover, for some women these nasty little buggers are a daily bother thanks to genetics (Not cool, grandma). But no matter their source or how long they plan on sticking around, having a killer concealer to combat this dreadfully sleepy look is an absolute must-have in every woman’s beauty arsenal. 

Byrdie teamed up with Rank & Style (a site that aggregates data from every corner of the web to bring you unbiased top ten lists of the best fashion and beauty products) and snagged the top five most popular under-eye concealers based off Internet reviews and user feedback. And other then not including YoungBlood’s Ultimate Corrector (which we swear by), we’re in agreement on all other. Follow the link below for dark circle freedom.

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