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The New Ombre?

The ombre hair trend is probably one of those styles you either loved or hated. Although supposedly low-maintenance, if not done just right, it just looked like a poorly neglected head of hair with bad roots.

Don’t get us wrong- we were fans of the ombre trend. But have you met ombre’s little sister? Her name is Balayage, and she’s our favorite.


We guarantee you’ve already met Balayage on numerous occasions without having realized it. Like her older sister Ombre, Balayage is a gradual lightening towards the ends of the hair, but the French developed technique is what makes her unique.

Instead of using foils or a cap, Balayage is a freehand technique where color is applied by hand using a brush, or with only the fingers. Think strategically placed ribbons of color, not right up to the root and heavier around the face, a la Giselle Bunchen. The result is a sun-kissed, natural highlight look.

The best part about Balayage, aside from it’s effortlessly gorgeous result, is that it’s wallet friendly and easy to maintain, as it doesn’t require frequent salon visits.

Although this “painting” technique might make it sound easy, don’t go trying it at home anytime soon. A trained Balayage professional knows how to strategically place the highlights so that they lay properly, and grow out right.

So move over Ombre, it’s Balayage’s time to shine!

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