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Day In Austin


Austin is a state of mind in the southwestern state of Texas. It is legendary for its live music, one of a kind cuisine, art, architecture, and culture. It has a rich history that, like most American cities, colors and informs what it is today. But, unlike most American cities, there exists a vibe in Austin that is unique and unmistakably different.

After all, the city’s unofficial motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” and the town wears it on its sleeve like a badge of honor. You can feel it as you walk down 6th Street or cross the Congress Street Bridge as a bazillion bats fly out for their evening meal. You can see it in the green rolling hills, gently flowing rivers and wide Texas sky. You can hear it in the city, in honkytonks, dance halls, and bars.

Music is alive in Austin, and the town is an epicenter for music of every stripe, and style.

Yep, there is plenty of country, and Texas Swing and dance halls that are so authentic and pure that they can make a grown man cry and we’ll take you to the granddaddy of them all, The Broken Spoke.

We will also visit the unimaginably hip, historically dense shrine to every conceivable musical genre, Austin City Limits in the spectacular Moody Theater, and as a special treat, we head backstage.

There is so much art in Austin, it’s more than a little overwhelming. Literally, everywhere, there are statues and architectural embellishments that delight and inspire. To put it all in perspective, we take you to not one but two magnificent centers: “The Contemporary” Austin’s downtown museum and “Laguna Gloria,” the art filled villa nestled on beautiful Lake Austin.

Austin cuisine is like no other, from traditional BBQ and nouveau chic, to roadside food trucks, to everything betwixt and between. Austin is a foodies paradise, and we serve up some of the best in town.

So get ready to get weird. Come along with us to share Austin…in a day.

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