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At-Home Workout in 30 Minutes

At-Home Workout in 30 MINUTES

Finding time for a fitness routine is no easy task. The thought of working out at home within a time frame of 30 minutes might seem far-fetched. However, we have a routine that will make your life easier while accomplishing your fitness goals. The most effective 30 minute workouts do not need to be overwhelming or rigorous. Lifting your own body weight and performing high-impact aerobic exercises will not bulk you up; instead it will strengthen your bone density and preserve your muscle tissue.

30 Minute At-Home Workout:

These exercises focus on the entire body, boosts cardiovascular performance and also tones and strengthens your body.

5 MINUTES - Run in Place
Easy light jogging in the same spot helps speed up your heart rate and prep you for your main workout.

50 Jumping Jacks
Just good ol’ fashioned jumping jacks to get you pumped up!

100 Crunches
Remember form is everything. Lay flat on your back with your knees bent. Position both hands at the sides of the head using your fingers gently touching the temples, with elbows directed outwards. Attempt to keep your neck in a straight line together with your backbone. Flex your waistline to increase the top of your body from the ground make sure your abdominal muscles are contracted through the movements, hold for a second. Lower yourself till the back of your shoulder blades touch the pad then repeat.

20 Hip Bridges
Lie on your back together with your arms straight and hands out by your side. Your heals should be touching the ground, while raising your hips to create a straight line towards the leg. Your legs must be vertical from your feet to the knee. Maintain this specific position for 15 seconds. Squeeze your gluts then lower yourself. Muscle This workout will help tone your lower back, hamstrings and of course, those gluts!

Typically the gym is the first place most people consider when seeking a fast, effective workout. However making a designated space within your home can offer comfort and less traffic so that you can unwind, shed pounds and de-stress in a segmented time frame.

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