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Artis - The Future of Makeup Brushes?

Introducing, the super model of makeup brushes- Artis.

This gorgeous line is the brainchild of none other than former vice-president of MAC Cosmetics, Matthew Waitesmith, who is now a consulting partner for global brush manufacturer, Taiki USA.

Waitesmith introduced the oval style brushes in 2013 while still at MAC, with the MAC Masterclass brushes.

Now a line of their own, these stunning brushes boast superior blending power thanks to their lush and silky bristles (100% animal-free, by the way), ergonomic handle, and tilted head. This revolutionary design is meant to push or pull product uniformly across the skin, as opposed to swirling or dabbing on (Having trouble picturing this? Watch their tutorials here). This design is also said to use less product, and we’re down for anything that saves us money!

While the idea of applying foundation with the Artis brushes intrigues us most (simply because we bet they feel as lush as they look), they have an entire line that can be used for all types of makeup application- concealer, contouring, eye shadow, etc. And forgive us for sounding superficial, but all we had to do was take one look at the gorgeous, mirrored handles and we wanted in.

Could this design be the future of makeup brushes? We’ll eagerly report back once we get our hands on some!

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