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America’s Favorite Dermatologist

By: Kelly Taggart
Photo: Allen Carrasco

New Technology to Keep You Looking Forever Young!

San Diego and La Jolla Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio of Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center and Dr. Tess Dermatology & Cosmetic Center La Jolla, chats with Health Beauty Life magazine about the latest technology in dermatology.

A published author, renowned speaker, educator, physician, and leader in her field, Dr. Tess stays at the forefront of technological advances. Today she is helping to pioneer a new treatment called the Venus Freeze. And, being the first in San Diego to offer the treatment, this dermatology specialist is really excited about its potential!

The Venus Freeze is a skin tightening, wrinkle and cellulite treatment that is ideal for various face and body applications. It offers remarkable circumference reduction, diminished lines, smaller pores and general anti-aging benefits for all skin types.

Based on the innovative (MP)² Technology, the Venus Freeze creates a synergy of magnetic pulses and radio frequency and delivers tiny electrical currents from each one of the four electrodes on a tethered handheld unit. When the electrodes on this device glide over the surface of the treatment area, the current transfers under the skin and conducts heat. As the skin is heated, it responds as if there’s a very slight injury, instantly tightening, plumping up and laying down new  collagen, an essential protein found in skin.

‘‘As we age, our face and neck start to lose their shape, the chiseled appeal of our face diminishes, our jaw line drops, the youthful cheek fat pad sags and the under eye area and jowls become more pronounced. ‘‘

She adds, “When you are starting to see your skin sag and wrinkles on the face and neck, don’t panic and think…Oh gosh. I need a facelift or a neck lift. You really don’t need to run out and have plastic surgery. There is so much new technology, like the Venus Freeze, that can help postpone or even avoid the need to go under the knife.”

Dr. Tess Mauricio and Health Beauty Life Magazine Editor in Chief, Patrick Dockry

To demonstrate the process, Dr. Tess used our very own Patrick Dockry and worked on his face with a special emphasis on the under eye area. Using a meter, she measured and noted that the starting surface temperature of his face was 89 degrees. During the treatment, her goal was to reach 105-106 degrees.

Glycerin was smoothed onto Patrick’s face, which facilitated the conduction of the radio frequency and also permitted the applicator to glide more easily. Dr. Tess noted that no topical numbing cream was needed for this procedure and stated that many patients actually enjoy the warming effect it produces. Many times they feel that it’s soothing and relaxing like a warm massage.

The handheld unit was passed over the skin repeatedly until the desired skin temperature was reached. With the procedure, there usually is minor swelling and redness that goes away relatively quickly, but it diminishes small lines and leaves tighter skin, smaller pores and,for women, it allows makeup to apply more easily. There’s also that nice healthy glow!

Emerging from the procedure, Patrick said his face felt warm, slightly tingly and noticeably tighter, in a good way. The under eye area was improved, the cheek fat pad was lifted, and he had a slight slimming and lifting effect around his neck and jaw line. In time, and with repeated treatments (6-8 treatments over several weeks and then maintenance every 3-4 months), Dr. Tess claims that all of those pesky problem areas will improve tremendously.

‘‘Venus Freeze is such a wonderful option for men and women alike. Looking at patients from before to after even after just a few treatments, I really have seen astounding results.‘‘

Dr. Tess states in closing,“When our skin feels good, we feel better about ourselves and it impacts the way people respond to us. I find it interesting that some patients don’t like to disclose that they are getting these treatments; but frankly, it’s hard not to fess up when friends and family are asking what they are doing to look so good!”

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