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Affordable Vacations for the Whole Family

Planning a trip can be a lot of money for a family of four or more. At Health Beauty Life we have captured “City in a Day” segments to alleviate the stress that can occur when organizing and considering where to go. If you and your family have the luxury of stepping out of your normal holiday routine and want to try something different, engaging and oh, so entertaining then let us help you out!

We are California locals, therefore three of our segments have taken place in Southern California. Sometimes it is alright to splurge so rather than travel for multiple days with extravagant hotel rooms and so forth, try capturing a city in a day to take in all the elements of a unique environment instead of focusing on just your hotel room and flights.

San Diego – From famous stops such as Mission Bay & The Gaslamp District, it’s no wonder this is “America’s Finest City”! 

Malibu is known for its scenic elegance, miles of beaches and known for being one of the top places to surf and let all your worries go to the waves.

Thus when we had the opportunity to take on a new city we chose New York City of course. Whenever you go to N.Y.C. be prepared to visit a place unlike any other in the city that never sleeps.

Los Angeles – One of the most famous cities in the world, Los Angeles is a place to see and be seen.

But then it didn’t stop there, we’ve headed to Texas for our Day in San Antonio piece. Take a look at the many lovely reasons including the well known Riverwalk.

Other places we’ve researched are relaxing cruise ships with some of the best spas for an international getwaway.

So where will you be traveling for the holidays? Whichever way you go,  make sure to travel smart!

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