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Advice for the Home: How to Clean Light Fixtures

How to Clean Light Fixtures FAST.


Our guest blogger Angela, wrote to us with some words of wisdom…how to clean light fixtures.

Ironically enough, this is often on everyone’s household agenda, but more often than not, may get overlooked.

Did you know, cleaning chandeliers and other light fixtures is essential to obtain enough lighting when it gets dark?  It is also part of the overall household cleaning which restores the appealing crispness. The time that can be allotted for the cleaning predetermines what approach should be used, very often there is time just for fast cleaning.

How To: Clean Light Fixtures

1.  First thing to do is wipe off the cobwebs. To see where to clean, it is necessary to turn the lights on and look around the area. Cobwebs are best reached with a long handled duster, or with any rod or broom handle around which a dampened dusting cloth should be wrapped. It is recommended to start the dusting from the hanging fixtures, and catch and remove any cobwebs which have formed inside. When the light fixtures are globe shaped overhead ones, whisking around the globes is enough to remove the dust, cobwebs and debris. Cotton gloves can also be used for quick cleaning, and all there is to do with such gloves is run the hands over each peace to catch the dust and debris. The tools for quick cleaning also comprise feather dusters, or cans of compressed air.

2. Cleaning Crystal or Glass. With crystal chandeliers, it is necessary to take down and hand wash the crystal parts, one by one. When there is not sufficient time for that, a microfiber cloth and a moistened wipe specially for cleaning glass, or any kind of paper towel moistened with glass cleaner, are the fast tools. Wiping and drying each crystal element from top to bottom helps to restore their shine. It is especially important not to damage the cord and the connections of the lighting fixtures or the chandelier. For the purpose, it is recommended to move around rather than twist the fixture or chandelier itself. A step stool or a ladder can help to take the best positions for cleaning.

One more technique of cleaning when glass or crystal chandeliers are involved: while cleaning, it is possible to send any pieces flying down, so placing a quilt or something similar to reduce the hazard of breaking of such parts is a must.

3. Bulbs. With lighting fixtures, the next items to be cleaned are the bulbs. They can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. The cleaning can also be done from the ground, with a long handle duster.

4. Light Shades. To clean shades of floor or table lamps, a paintbrush can be used to whisk the dusk away. The direction of cleaning should be from top to bottom, all around the shade. The bulb and the wire holding the shade should also be given proper cleaning.


Cleaning lights is essential for a tidy, crisp home! 


Angela Harpert- a devoted housewife and a blogger who happily shares her household maintenance tricks such as NW1 Cleaning Options and decoration ideas.

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