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Add some Personality to Your Workspace

at home office

Wherever your work resides, if at home or office, add some personality for a change that will give you organization and life to your workspace.

For the Home Office:

It’s often the “avoided” room, the one where junk bins, children’s extra toys, files, old bills and photos reside.

To Start: One of the ways we feel you can best pick a theme or color way for your office is to start with what in your life is an important hobby or favorite family past time that fits your lifestyle.  Some common ideas are outdoor activities, sports, indoor activities like scrapbooking or knitting.

Color Theme: Choose calm walls that will be light and vibrant to your working habits. Whites, light blues, calm greens, vintage pinks and soft browns are warm and yet inviting to keep up with your  busy schedule.

For an added touch try an accent wall using wall paper (as seen above) or even light stripes (horizontal or vertical) to line the walls in a pattern.

Personal Touch: Add depth to your cabinet or shelving space by using baskets, unique storage boxes (leather, suede or decorative are great choices) or even book ends.

Now it is time to show your theme or character. Using photos, vases, family heirlooms, awards, trophies or memorabilia - line  your shelves, walls and desk space with items that represent you and favorite pieces of your life or treasured memories.

home office Office Space:

For the work office think similar in style more minimal. If you are in a cubical, than creating a bulletin board either fabric or cork will be a great way to hang photos, a wall calendar, favorite places you have visited, quotes or magazine clippings - things that make you motivated or reminiscent of days or moments that reflect who you are.

For your desk, purchase office accessories like a stapler, hole puncher, pen holder and so forth that are colored or leather bound. Add a vase or the book ends to your desk. Pick up a paper weight or use something from home that has signifcance to you. Bring aroma to your day by placing a candle or diffusers at your desk.



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