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A Sassy Beginning

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Credits:By: Kelly Taggart for Health Beauty Life
Hair: Rusty Rollings
Make up: Wendy Rollings and Justine Wolden
Photo: Allen Carrasco

Based in Woodbury, Minnesota, just outside of Saint Paul, Sassy Di’s caters to families and an upscale clientele. Owners Rusty and Wendy Rollings named their relatively new 18-station salon after Dianne Heins, a good friend who lost her battle with cancer in 2008. To pay homage to their friend and to help others stricken with this terrible disease, the crew at Sassy Di’s donates 3% of their sales to cancer research and hosts in-salon programs committed to bettering the lives of those affected by cancer. “We open up our salon on various Mondays to cater strictly to local cancer patients,” states Rusty. “We donate wigs and the time to cut, style and maintain them. Making it a special venue is purely for the comfort of our clients as it can be a very emotional time for them. It’s a difficult thing to remove your wig in front of others, even for maintenance, so things have to be handled carefully and privately. We’re so glad that we can be of service in a time of need and are dedicated to keep the program going for as long as needed.”

 A Do Over


To showcase some of the talent their salon has to offer, Rusty chose to do a makeover on Wendy, his wife, fellow stylist and co-owner of the salon, who is also a busy mom. He started with shoulder length hair that was a natural level 4 at the roots with 45% grey and a demarcation line at about an inch out where previous level 3 color took over. She had old highlights that had grown out and been re-colored, but Rusty opted to go for a solid finish this round leaving a rich level 4/5 Mahogany hue.

After: Rusty’s wife Wendy transforms to chic & sleek!

“We are getting away from the chunky, stripe-y color and going back to more solid hues, with healthy, shiny results.”

Rusty used ENJOY Hairdresser Power Professional Hair Color with .5oz each of 5R and 4MV with 2 oz of 20-volume developer on the roots and then the same formula again but with Gel Developer from the demarcation line through the ends. A few pumps of ENJOY ColorKeeper, an Amino Functional Silicone micro-emulsion additive, were used in both formulas to help increase color penetration, shine and longevity. The roots were processed for 25 minutes and then Rusty applied the demi-permanent formula through the ends and processed for an additional 20 minutes at room temperature. He rinsed, shampooed with ENJOY Sulfate-Free Luxury Shampoo, conditioned with ENJOY Instant Reconstructor, processing for 5 minutes, and then rinsed again, towel-blotting the hair to prepare for the cut.

The cut involved taking some length off to caress the jaw line and adding a slight stacking in back for an almost Sassoon line.  Rusty beveled the edge to neatly roll under and then texturized slightly so the cut was not too uniform. This left some room for bounce or play, which is best for when the hair is styled using curl. Strong baby-bangs were added to frame Wendy’s face and leave avery classic line, showcasing her beautiful eyes.

To set a sleek style, Rusty layered on ENJOY Texture Spray and Thermal Spray and removed all moisture by blowing the hair dry using just his fingers to move strands around. Small sections were smoothed with a flat iron, rolling the ends under just slightly. A dab of ENJOY Creamy Pomade was emulsified onto Rusty’s hands and then he ran his palms over the surface of the hair to smooth down any flyaways, finishing with a fine mist of ENJOY Shine Spray for added luster.

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