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A Romantic Dinner for Two: Set a Romantic Scene

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to romance. In this series, we share with you how easy it is to create an intimate, romantic and delicious Italian dinner for two in under 30 minutes (You’re welcome!). Think of it as a mini-lesson in la dolce vita (the sweet life) in a 3-part series.

Part 1 of 3:


Set a Romantic Scene

Romance is really all about the senses…sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. If you focus on these five elements, the meal - and the romance - will come together effortlessly allowing you to focus on the most important thing, each other.

Let’s begin.

Set the table for two.

Use your best linen, china and crystal. Light a few candles (unscented only please…the aromas should be limited to just a hint of perfume and dinner).

Add a pretty vase of mild, fresh-cut flowers or simple greenery. Place it off to the side of the table. You want to make sure the view across the table is clear.

Pull the shades, turn the lights down low and put on some romantic music to set the tone. Choose a little Sinatra, some classic jazz, your favorite Italian arias or the music from your wedding. You get the idea.

Dress the part.

You want to feel calm and sexy so choose something that is comfortable and flattering. Add a bit of sparkle and a light spritz of scent.

Take your time.

Enjoy the anticipation of the evening ahead as you add the final touches. Remember, if you are relaxed and confident, then it will be easy to focus on your Valentine.

Part 2: The Dinner

Part 3: A Sweet Ending

Guest Author: Christine Coughlan is the publisher of a niche website on pasta - MyFavoritePastaRecipes.com, your one-stop resource for pasta recipes, ideas, how-to and more!

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