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9 Trends for Spring 2014

According to Punxsutawney Phil, who saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, we’ve still got several weeks of winter to go, but that is not stopping just about everyone in this country from thinking spring! Here are some spring 2014 trends by My Fashion Corner to look forward to once the snow and cold are but a distant memory.

  1. The nineties are back! In my opinion, the nineties were just a little too close to the eighties for comfort, but that hasn’t stopped the runway from featuring inspired looks from that very decade. Denim-embellished fashions were seen right up alongside grunge-inspired overalls and flannels. (Smells like teen spirit to me!)

  2. Speaking of retro—that would be 1990s retro—remember back when we thought silver-looking spacesuits would be what everyone would be wearing in the “future”? Well, apparently the future is now if some of this spring’s collections are found in people’s closets. The futuristic looks were somewhat tempered, however, by metallic-decorated flapper dresses reminiscent of the 1920s.

  3. Not that it ever went out of style but the button-up collared blouse was showcased prominently on the runway. Whether you prefer loose-fitting or tailored, you may still have one of these in your closet. Dig it out and call yourself absolutely trendy!

  4. If you’re not quite ready for the space age, the good news is that athletic wear is popular again. Not exactly gym wear, quite a few designers gave up their interpretation of the Adidas pants and cropped tops of yesteryear. The result? Something you would never wear to the gym but perhaps on some very expensive resort vacation.

  5. It’s all about color this spring! (Think Lady Gaga’s album “Artpop.”) Rich and dramatic tones were all the rage, so plan to put some of that into your closet this spring.

  6. But it’s not all about brights. Pastels also made a significant appearance on the runway with clean lines, distinct silhouettes, and defined features. Rather than airy as in years past, pastels and florals have more presence this time around.

  7. Cropped is back—especially when it comes to jackets. Just as boxy as last year’s boyfriend blazer, these are even a bit oversized, utilizing texture and color to modernize them a bit. Once again, it seems the 1990s are back—in a very big way!—this spring.

  8. There’s nothing like a wide-legged pant—aka baggy pant— to pair with the aforementioned cropped jacket. Probably one of the more versatile looks on the runway for this season, the wide-legged paint mixes well with just about anything, from tailored to loose, from short to long. Add heels or flats, and you’ve got a fresh look for the season that actually has a bit of a seventies vibe.

  9. If all of this sounds a bit too “recent retro,” something else that has popped this season goes all the way back to the forties, fifties, and sixties” the tea-length skirt. Bring it into the 21st century with metallic fabrics or by pairing it with an ultra-modern cropped top. The tea-length skirt is versatile and flattering on almost anyone.

So there you have it, something from almost every decade, past and present. If you can just hang in there until the spring flowers bloom….

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