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9 Times North West Was More Fashionable Than You

It’s one thing to be upstaged in the wardrobe department by your super stylish friend or a fashion blogger, but shown up by a celebrity’s toddler? How does their spit-up filled jacket still look cooler than our super clean one? Oh, because theirs is Burberry and ours is Forever21, that’s right. Hmph. 

We’ve already established a crop of celebrity kids that dress better than all of us, and the list included Mason Disick, so it should come as no surprise that his cousin North West is now joining those best-dressed ranks. So if you’d like to feel even worse about your fashion sense, follow the link below for 9 times North West was more fashionable than you.

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Photo Source: @KimKardashian


Photos: @kimkardashian

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