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9 Skinny Holiday Cocktails That Won’t Wreck Your Waistline

As incredibly delicious and fun as cocktails are (especially during the holidays), it comes as no surprise that they are incredibly caloric and not your friend when you’re counting on fitting into your tightest skinnies.

Depending on how it’s made (syrups, juices, and added flavorings up the calorie counts dramatically), one regular flavored martini can have up to 450 calories, and even an innocent sounding gin and tonic can pack up to 250. Yikes! Click the photos for these lighter cocktails that pack the same punch without sacrificing flavor. You should always #treatyoself, especially during the holidays!

pumpkin-fireball-cocktail from toliveanddiet

Spiced N Spike Pumpkin Punch: One of our favorite bloggers whipped up this spicy pumpkin treat (made with homemade Fireball, no big deal) that has a measly 90 calories per serving. We’ll be making this one long after the holidays are over.


Cranberry Pear Ginger Fizz: Could this drink look any more festive? To lighten it even more, sub out the ginger beer for diet ginger beer or diet ginger ale if you can’t find it.

goldsclager champ drink

24 Carat Champagne Cocktail: This gorgeous champagne cocktail has a secret ingredient that will take you back to your college days (spoiler alert: it’s Goldschlager).


Rose Cider: A twist on the classic mimosa, we love this champagne cocktail that comes together in 3 seconds and only needs 2 ingredients.

orange pumpkin tini

Orange-Mango Pumpkin-tini: This 3 ingredient drink will satisfy even the most intense pumpkin cravings and is easily fancied up with an orange peel garnish.


Peppermint Swirl: The holidays were basically made for flavored skinny martinis. This minty delight looks as good as it tastes!


Voli Hot Cocoa: This hot cocoa looks and tastes like an indulgent calorie bomb, but clocks in at just over 150 calories! Plus, the vodka and warm temperature will heat you up on bone-chilling winter nights.

Cranberry + Vanilla Cocktail

Cranberry and Vanilla: What contains more than a day’s worth of vitamin C and is sugar-free? This delightful ombre-inspired vanilla and cranberry cocktail. Plus it’s the perfect way to get rid of all the leftover cranberries you have laying around.

Creamy Holiday Eggnog: What is the holiday season without eggnog? This creamy recipe doesn’t contain any refined sugar but uses maple syrup or coconut sugar to keep blood sugar level even. This means less of a drop in blood sugar which keeps you from inhaling Christmas cookies and cheese balls.


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