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9 Hydrating Eye Creams and Why You Should Be Using One

Crepe paper is typically associated with fun times. It usually shows up at parties or an event where something is being celebrated. But when it shows up under your eyes, it’s not nearly as fun, or as easy to get rid of.

What’s causing crepe paper eyes? Obviously as we age, the skin beneath our eyes will inevitable begin wrinkle (*single tear*), but often what we think is sudden and premature wrinkling is actually just your dehydrated skin crying out for moisture.

There are many causes of dehydrated skin -harsh cleansers, not drinking enough water, not using the proper skincare products- and your delicate under-eye area is especially prone to dryness, and usually the first to show its signs.

One of the problems you’ll likely notice is that your under-eye concealer “just isn’t sitting right.” You’ll see it settling into lines and looking cracky. It night even look patchy or discolored. Or, like mentioned above, you’ll look in the mirror one morning and wonder how you managed to age 10 years overnight. These are all reasons you should be including a moisturizing eye cream into your daily skincare regime- to keep them hydrated and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

More Tips:
When applying product to your eye area, remember to be gentle! Use your weaker fingers (ringer finger, pinky) to pat your product on, instead of rubbing, which tugs at the delicate skin. Look for products with hyaluronic acid listed as in ingredient, and considering sleeping with one of these in your bedroom at night.


Here are some of our favorite hydrating eye creams that your eyes will love to drink in.

H2O Plus - Eye Oasis Instant Hydrating Stick $25
Clinique - All About Eyes $31
Origins - Eye Doctor Moisture Care $36
Suki - Renew Ultra-Protectice Eye Balm - Night $37
ReVive - Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream $150
Mario Badescu - Hyaluronic Eye Cream $18
Kiehl’s - Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado $28
bareMinerals - Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream $32
Skin Ceuticals - Eye Balm $81

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