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7 Natural Deodorants And Why You Should Try Them

We wouldn’t dare insult your intelligence by assuming you don’t know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. But wait, do you?


You aren’t alone if not. Any stick you rub under your armpit in hopes of not smelling is usually referred to as “deodorant,” but they aren’t all created equal.

If you just look at the words themselves, you’d probably be able to figure it out. DE-ODOR-ANT tackles body odor, and ANTI-PERSPIR-ANT stops you from perspiring (sweating).

How do each of these do their jobs?
Deodorant uses antimicrobial agents to control body odor, and typically some sort of fragrance to help mask the smell. Antiperspirants also use antimicrobial agents and fragrance, but what sets them apart from deodorant is their main ingredient, aluminum, which is used to climb into pores and block sweat from ever reaching the skin’s surface. Basically an antiperspirant stops you from sweating all together, which sounds pretty awesome, right? But…

The safety of antiperspirants comes into question often, and for two main reasons. One school of thought is that blocking sweat from being released creates a buildup of toxins in the body that is naturally meant to be released through sweating. Another reason is the safety of aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Like everything else in the world, a google search would result in evidence for both sides of the fence. So what’s a girl to believe?

While we love taking risks when it comes to things like glitter eyeshadow and that hott waiter at our favorite tapas restaurant, we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to health.

While we’ve never performed our own scientific tests on the safety of aluminum (duh), we can understand the logic that sweat holds toxins that are meant to be released from the body, which is part of the reason working up a sweat is so good for you and considered a detoxifier. So during these cooler, less sweaty months, we switch to a deodorant stick, (unless of course we have a big event, AKA a hot date with that waiter).

Here are 7 aluminum free deodorants you shant feel bad about wearing!


LaVanila - The Healthy Deodorant (our personal favorite)

L’Occitane - Refreshing Aromatic Deodorant

Pristine Beauty - Take A Whiff

Jack Black - Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant (for you gals who like to borrow your boyfriend’s deo)

Schmidt’s - Natural Deodorant Cream

Soap Walla - Deodorant Cream

Meow Meow Tweet Tweet - Deodorant Cream


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