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7 Cocktails Can You Make With Unicorn Tears (For Real)

7 Cocktails Can You Make With Unicorn Tears (For Real)

Add this to the list of things we wish we’d thought of: marketing an alcoholic beverage dubbed “Unicorn Tears.” Too bad British company Firebox thought of it first. Their silver-infused gin is the stuff mystical cocktails are made of, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it, as we’re sure it’ll inspire magic. So follow the link below for a list of mythical cocktails made with the tears of unicorns…*sniff sniff!*

(Side Note: The animal lover in us would like to know if any unicorns were harmed in the bottling of this booze, or just made to cry? And if so, were these tears of joy? We’ll investigate further…)

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