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6 Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

The same way we progressively shed more and more clothing laters throughout the Spring and Summer, we also shed layers of makeup…or at least we should. Follow these steps and feel prettier sans makeup in no time…


Dark, Thick Lashes & Brows
If the eyes are the window to the soul, then lashes and brows are the drapes, and you want yours to make a statement. Thick, full, healthy lashes and brows not only play up the eyes, but they help shape and define the entire face. To achieve both, you can use prescription products like Latisse (one of our editors swears by it), or take the cheaper and more natural route- mix together vitamin E oil and castor oil, and apply to lashes and brows each night before bed.

In addition to growing thicker lashes and brows, another thing to consider is lash and brow tinting (read more about lash tinting here). If your hair is on the lighter side, and even sometimes if it’s not, this could be just what you need to make your eyes pop and feel prettier sans makeup.

Clear, Glowing Skin
It’s a no brainer that clear, glowing skin pretty much plays the most important role in how you feel without makeup. So must we say it again? Start investing in your skincare! It’s the most important beauty investment you’ll ever make. Also make sure you’re following a personalized nightly routine, and for the occasional extra boost, try this killer peel/serum combo.

Soft, Full Lips
Just like big brows, full lips are all the rage right now. One of the simplest things to do to keep lips plump it to keep them moisturized, and to stay hydrated. A lip balm with hyaluronic acid is the perfect alternative to stingy plumping gloss. Or you could try an at-home suction device (they’re temporary, but they do work).

A Subtle Tan
We have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t feel better with a little sunkissed glow. But don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting fake-baking yourself in a tanning bed. Self-tanners aren’t what they used to be. It’s totally possible to use a product like Fake-Bake spray and not look like an Oompa Loompa look. For best results, exfoliate first…

Dry Brush
Dry brushing not only exfoliates the skin, but it gets your blood pumping and your lymphatic system moving for a healthy, natural glow. On a scale of 1 to 10, Miranda Kerr’s skin is a 20, and she dry brushes, so what does that tell you? Read more about its powers here.

White Teeth
A bright smile sends a huge message, and is key to helping you feel fresh and beautiful. If you don’t want to visit the dentist or use whitening strips, here are some ways to naturally brighten your teeth at home.


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