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6 Brit-Inspired Appetizers

We love appetizers, and we love Downton Abbey. Put those together, and what do you get? A list of 6 brit-inspired appetizers (handpicked by our guest blogger) that we’d like to imagine Mrs. Patmore might whip up from the Downton Abbey Cookbook.


Pick a few and try them out at your next Downton Abbey showing:

1.       Watercress & Celeriac Soup

This is a simple dish to create, and is perfect for an appetizer. You can make a batch full of this and freeze it for another day. Soups are a common starting dish, or a vegetarian’s main meal, and these two main ingredients are two of the healthiest around, which is always an added bonus. Simple to make, easy to eat, and a proven winner, this is a great addition to your dinner date. Recipe

2.       Fresh Foie Gras

Foie Gras Terrine is a popular canapé or starter and just adds something a little unique to your occasion. You can even buy foiegras online readily hand-made, so you only have to buy it in instead of making it. A great time saver in its entirety, and a fantastically unique taste too.

3.       Pistachio And Feta Dip

This rich dip is a great dish to have in the center of the table, and is great when dipped with brioche. It’s simple-to-make, and has a number of interesting ingredients which include avocado, red chili, and Greek yogurt. Recipe

4.       Asparagus, Mint And Ricotta Tartlets

We love the easy-to-make recipes and this follows suit. It takes 15 minutes to prepare and the same to make it, so it can be in front of your guests in no time at all. You don’t need too many ingredients either, which means it is cheap to make as well. Another proven winner. Recipe

5.       Baked Red Onions Stuffed With Toasted Couscous

This spicy starter is sure to impress any vegetarian guests. Though some extensive preparation is needed to make this dish, the delicious combination of onion and couscous presented in such a stylish fashion makes it all worthwhile. Recipe

6.       Prawns And Crispy Chorizo

Consider this dish somewhat of a mini, more elegant surf and turf. Though deceptively simple, if the prawns and slices of chorizo are painstakingly stacked on top of one another, and polished off with some elegant garnish, this app will be sure to impress whomever you serve it to. Recipe

Bon Appetit!


Guest Author: Loren is a passionate travel and food writer who advocates simple elegance for any meal. Ingredients for her easy to make appetizers can be found at your local grocery store or online suppliers, such as www.FoiGrasGourmet.com.

Edited By: Nicole Walker

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