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5 Gorgeous Yoga Mat Brands That Will Enhance Your Practice

When you you regularly engage in a solid yoga practice, there isn’t much that can top that post-sequence high. However, the superficial yogi in us swears by the fact that a killer yoga mat can totally compliment your efforts. From hand drawn designs to positive affirmations to the psychology of color, these 5 yoga companies have set out to create unique yoga mats that look as good as yoga makes you feel.

Each of these ridiculously gorgeous mat designs are hand-drawn, and named after US National or State Park.

La Vie Boehme Yoga
Fashion, travel, and yoga-loving friends founded LVBY, and we love them for it.

Aspen Yoga Mats
Combine the psychology of color with your yoga practice.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats
Aptly named, these magical looking mats are designed and hand-drawn by a yoga loving artist.

Each mat comes equipped with a positive affirmation.

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