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5 Ways To Look 10 Years Younger

People always ask me how they can look younger, and my reply is always “First you must believe that you can.” As a society, we’ve bought into the notion that we have to age and decline in a certain way. In fact, we have a whole host of old wives’ tales that help support this notion. If you really want to look younger, you’ve got to toss those antiquated ideas into your delete file.


Do a little research for yourself and you will see just how capable our bodies are of rejuvenating if given the right nutrition, proper exercise, hormone therapy, positive mindset, brain stimulation, and meditation. I am also a big believer in daily prayer and positive affirmations. Instead of telling yourself how old you’re getting, try telling yourself that you are getting better every day. Like a fine red wine you can get better, not worse, with time.

See yourself as becoming stronger, more beautiful, more intelligent, wiser, and yes, even sexier. Since we become what we believe, it’s crucial that you monitor your thoughts about aging and change them to thoughts that serve you.

Once you believe that you can grow younger, you open your mind to the idea that you can look younger. Here are my five tried and true basic steps to looking younger fast:

1. Stay Slim and Muscular

The first sign of aging is a heavy, flabby body. Defy the odds by maintaining a youthful, strong body. Having good posture and a youthful gait is part of this equation. Stand up straight and put a bounce in your step!

2. Maintain Beautiful Hair, a Glowing Complexion, and White Teeth

Luscious, silky hair and beautiful skin are the markers of youth. Do whatever you can internally and externally to nourish your skin and hair. (This includes making sure your thyroid and hormones are all healthy and in balance.) Dry, dull, lifeless skin and thinning, brittle hair will age your looks fast. Yellow stained teeth will age you terribly. A white smile and nice teeth will turn the clock back faster than you can believe.

3. Stay Healthy

Healthy is sexy and beautiful. It’s hard to look great when you feel weak and tired. Do what it takes for you to feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our health affects everything, especially our attitude. Good health keeps us active sexually and puts a sparkle in our eyes.

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4. Follow Trends

You can’t look younger if your clothes look old. Learning to incorporate trends is like doing constant software updates for your appearance. Most people let their wardrobe go stale and out-of-style with age (especially after the age of 40). Do the reverse! Become more stylish as you age, but in a sophisticated way. It will take years off your looks.

5. Update Your Makeup and Brows

Get a makeup lesson twice a year: in the spring and in the fall. This is essential if you don’t want to end up wearing ridiculously outdated eyebrows and makeup. Makeup styles change as clothing styles do. Most people don’t realize it, but eyebrow shapes and styles change too. Some years heavy brows are in, and some years they’re not. You’ve got to keep up with both to look fresh.

Guest Author: Eve Michaels is an internationally acclaimed Transformation Makeover Expert at www.EveMichaels.com. For over thirty years, she has been working with men and women around the globe to transform their look and their lives.

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