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5 Tips to a More Fulfilling Life

There’s no denying that life can be tough. Sometimes it just seems like you’re stuck in a rut, and you’re feeling up to snuff. You feel like there are goals out there you want to achieve, but you don’t know how to approach them. Perhaps work has you stressed, or your family is driving you nuts. Well there’s good news. The rut is temporary, and there’s always a way out. In order to start living a happier and more fulfilling life, follow these five tips… FULFILLING_LIFE_WB_BNR_C

Forget About Money

Money is a piece of paper. Money isn’t going to make you happier. It’s something you’ve heard before, and I’m here to tell you it again. You’ll be much happier if you follow what you actually want to do. Money will still have a chance of following you, too. When you’re doing what you really want to do, you’ll be doing it with passion. Your work will be quality, and that work is worth more.

Be Social

It’s not a good idea to make your free time similar to your day at work. Don’t spend all day at the computer, and then go home and watch TV. Rather, use your time to get out and try new things. I highly recommend exercising because it’s obviously the most healthy option. It’s always nice to run or bike with a friend, but if you’d rather exercise alone, look into local clubs or events. There are tons of events to choose from every night of the week if you live in any decent sized city.

Take Trips

See the world. Take a cross country road trip. Visit countries you’ve never been to. It’ll refresh your view on life, and if you’re lucky enough to do all of that, by all means do it. Take some time off work – it’ll always be there when you get back. And if you’re a little tight on cash and time, take a weekend getaway to a local lake, or take a mini road trip to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Stop Blaming & Take Criticism

It’s easy to look for a scape goat as soon as you’ve realized you’ve done something wrong. Rather than waste your time looking for someone to blame, admit you’ve done something wrong and move on. Every mistake is a learning experience. On that same note, learn to take criticism. If you find yourself getting angry at people easily, it might be because you’re taking their comments as insults. A lot of times, it’s really just someone trying to give you a suggestion to help you out.

Live In The Moment

Most events in our life are very structured. It’s a fact. Think about the movie you’re planning to go see – it has a start time. Or how about your job. It has hours you have to be in an out. In order to live in the moment, you have to be optimistic and see every single thing in life as something to be happy about. Here’s an example. Your friend wants you to pick up some milk. Someone who lives in the moment would take in all the sights in the car ride to the store. They would find something to talk about with the cashier. And they would come back knowing that they helped their friend with an errand. When you live in the moment, you take notice of life, and you become thankful for it.

Felicia Walkins is a freelance writer and true optimist. Felica is known for helping others. She soon plans to live at Jackson 21 — a nice, positive community in the state of New Jersey.

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