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5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

It’s no secret that if your diet is composed of fried foods, big servings, desserts, sodas and alcohol, you’ll eventually start packing on the pounds. Same goes for those who never get any physical exercise…It all adds up! The big question is why do people who are consuming a healthy diet and getting regular exercise still gain weight?

If you’ve ever found yourself in that position, there are several things to consider… 5_REASONS_YOU_MAY_BE_GAINING_WEIGHT_WB_BNR

Lack of Sleep

The body functions at its best when you are well rested. When you do not have good sleeping habits, the body is experiencing physiological stress, and stores more fat. Because your body cannot handle the stress effectively, the coping mechanism for many is to eat more. Also, sleeping late will have a greater chance that you will indulge in a late-night snack. As a result, your calorie intake will be more than the appropriate daily value. Instead, when you have a hard time sleeping and want to eat, you can try drinking tea, or having a few bites of something healthy for a late-night snack.

Some symptoms of not enough sleep are fatigue, feelings of irritability, and low energy levels. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night, and if this is a tall order for you, try adjust your sleeping habits gradually by adding 15 minutes, and eventually you will experience the effects of a good night’s sleep.


This darn society we live in demands that we must do more, achieve more, etc. Argh! Stress might keep people moving forward and help in coping with the demands of life, but it can affect one’s emotions and moods. Stress is the result of too many responsibilities, coping with pressures, and financial stability. In effect, the body stores fuel, slows down metabolism, and dumps out chemicals like leptin, cortisol, and other hormones which are linked with obesity.

 When people get stressed out, they often look for food to ease their feelings, which is damaging in the long run. Stress eaters tend to crave foods which are high in carbohydrates because they can increase the production of serotonin, giving a relaxing effect. Instead of reaching for foods which are high in carbs, you can try garcinia cambogia, creatine, and raspberry ketone to provide the right nourishment, and potentially aid in weight loss.


One of the factors that could attribute to why you’re still gaining weight despite your healthy lifestyle could be because of a medication you take. Some prescribed drugs that can cause weight gain are those that treat depression, seizures, mood disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, and migraines. They can even cause weight gain of ten pounds each month. Also, other medications like steroids, oral contraceptives, and hormone replacements may cause gradual weight gain. If you suspect your medication is causing your weight gain, check with your doctor to see if this is a side effect. However, it is important to note that the extra pounds might be worth it if that certain medication can treat your overall health problem.

 Medical Condition

The medical condition that most commonly causes weight gain is hypothyroidism. This is a deficiency in the thyroid gland that can lower your metabolism, resulting in weight gain despite a loss of appetite. If you feel that you are experiencing fatigue, swelling, a lethargic voice, cold intolerance, or headaches, check with your doctor to evaluate whether you might have hypothyroidism. Another medical condition that could result in weight gain is the Cushing syndrome, a disorder caused by an excessive production of cortisol. These are just two of many, so check with your doctor if you suspect a medical condition.


Menopause is feared and hated for many reasons - add weight gain to the list. As age increases, metabolism slows down and the hormonal changes could lead to poor sleep, depression, and hunger. The key to avoid extra weight when you are in the menopausal stage is to maintain or increase lean body mass, which will result in increased metabolism and fat burning rate. A combination of different exercises and healthy diet is the key to weight loss.

Author: This post has been provided by fitness expert, James Hudson. He assists people in achieving six pack abs and weight loss goals through support and easy to follow tips. Check your local health and nutrition store or online store, like SDpharmaceuticals.com for some of his recommended nourishing supplements. To achieve successful weight loss, try a healthy diet and regular workouts.

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