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5 Crazy Things We’ve Worn for the Sake of Fashion

Is beauty pain? The Bard Graduate Center’s exhibition “Fashioning the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette” is chronicling just that by examining the many ways in which women (and men!) have shaped their bodies into distinctive silhouettes in the name of fashion over the years.

According to curator Denis Bruna, in terms of fashion, “the natural body does not exist.” Backing up this statement are displays of some of the many types of garments used over the years to achieve the ever-evolving ideal silhouette- corsets, panniers, and bustles, to name a few. And if you wrongly thought all of these contraptions were a thing of the past, don’t forget our recent reporting of the Kardashian clan’s waist training.

The show starts today, April 3rd, and lasts through July 26th. Get more info here.

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