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5 Amazing Stories of Weight Loss to Get You Back on Track

Spring has finally spring, and how many of us can say that we are still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions that now seem so long ago? If you, like many others, have lost sight of your health and fitness goals then the following examples of inspirational weight loss may help to ignite the spark and get you back on the wagon.


One of Britain’s “Fattest Pupils” Turned Fitness Coach

At 15 years of age, Nathan Hewitt weighed in at 322 lbs and was regarded as one of Britain’s largest ever teenagers. His turning point? Being turned away from a ride at an amusement park because he was too big for the bar to come down over him. After losing an amazing 168 lbs, Nathan (now 23) has been given a government grant to launch his own fitness coaching company. He’ll draw on his own experiences to show others that being big doesn’t have to be permanent and that with the right guidance, a healthy weight and lifestyle can be achieved.

Woman Takes on Give it 100 Challenge
Give it 100 asks users to dedicate 100 days to achieving anything, and LaKeisha Shurn decided to take it on as a way of motivating herself throughout her weight loss journey. The site features people from all over taking a video every day of their progress, and LaKeisha’s videos have quickly gained popularity due to her emotional journey. After the 100 days she had lost over 47 pounds, dropped 3 dress sizes and captured the hearts of many.

Woman’s Weight Loss Leads to Longed for Babies
At just a teeny 4 foot 10 inches in height but weighing in at 189 lbs, Samantha Meakin was struggling to conceive due to having polycystic ovaries. She was considered too overweight for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After joining Slimming World, a weight loss organization based in the United Kingdom, she lost 63 lbs and then soon after, found out that she was pregnant with no help from IVF. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, lost her pregnancy weight and then conceived again!

Falling in Love Led to Incredible Weight Loss for Formerly Obese Man
Lee Jordan’s weight tipped the scales at a phenomenal 453 pounds. He was given two years to live by doctors, until being reunited with his high school sweetheart. Upon reconnecting with his first love, who is a personal fitness trainer, he decided that enough was enough and he embarked on an incredible weight loss journey with her help. Now 50 and married to the lady who made him see life differently, he weighs in at just under 182 lbs and has a 34 inch waist.

Man Stops Drinking and Smoking, Loses Over 196 lbs
Renowned as the life and soul of the party, Mario Colao was by his own admittance a binge drinker and a heavy smoker, going through two packets of cigarettes a day. One night, he woken up with chest pains and realized his lifestyle had to chance for the sake of his health. He embarked on a weight loss and fitness regime that led to shedding 200 pounds. He now shares his experiences and even some examples of what he would typically eat back when he was big on his humorous and inspiring blog.

For so many, weight loss becomes the elephant in the room and we spend more time worrying about it than actually cracking on and doing something about it. The remedy to losing excess weight is a simple formula; eat sensibly and exercise regularly and you WILL lose weight in a healthy way. So, don’t put it off a day longer, join your local gym, make your next food shopping free from junk, put your smart phone down and start smart living! These incredible tales of the rewards you can gain should be remembered to help you keep sight of your own journey.

Sophie is a health and fitness writer for www.SimplyGym.com and has been known to start a fitness routine with the best intentions, only to fall off the bandwagon days later. She is now in a solid routine at her gym and has maintained a healthy weight thanks to a fitness and healthy eating plan.

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