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4 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

Even the most dedicated of gym rats have experienced days, or even weeks, where they simply cannot find the willpower to swap the remote for a set of dumbbells. This is just the natural ebb and flow of any fitness routine.

But we all know if you don’t move it, you lose it, so the important thing is to not go too long without somehow finding the motivation to get back into the swing of things. The longer you wait, the harder it will be, so let’s get to it…

Here are four effective tips to help motivate your workouts:

Visualize Your Goals – You wouldn’t be working out unless you had an end goal you wanted to achieve. Whether that’s to add some tone to your chicken legs, shed those last 10 pounds, or simply to improve your fitness, take the time to visualize your goals mentally in your head as often as you can. Picture yourself running that half marathon, or fitting into those size 6 jeans. Imagine how great it will feel crossing that finish line and being able to say you did it, or when you can actually feel excitement over a pool party as opposed to the paranoia of being in a bathing suit in public. This technique will help spur you on, and remind you it will all be worth it once you meet your goal.

Watch Motivational Videos – Another great way of getting yourself really fired up and motivated before a workout is to set aside 10 minutes or so to watch some motivational videos online. You can find a theme for whatever your goal is- running, body building, weight loss, etc. You can also make your own video, or if you’re technically challenged, pin pictures that speak to you on a cork board at home, or to a Pinterest board online. Look at the board when you can’t get yourself off the couch, and see if that picture you pinned of Candice Swanepole in a bikini doesn’t have you leaping off the couch.

Listen to Your Favorite Music – If you’re trying to get yourself fired up for an intense cardio session in the gym but Donny Osmond playing quietly in the background, your adrenalin probably won’t be coursing through your body. Instead, don’t hit the pavement or head to the gym without first investing a little time into making your own upbeat playlist on your MP3 player or iPhone. You know you have a playlist that gears you up before a night on the town, so put that same effort into your workout one!

Train with a Friend – If possible, training with a friend can be incredibly beneficial. They will help motivate you, encourage you, and can add a competitive element into the mix. Sometime even more helpful than that is simply the fact that they hold you accountable if you’re thinking about skipping…you’ll feel pretty guilting laying in bed trying to make up an excuse when you know they’re counting on you to be there.

Do you have tips that help you, or favorite workout songs? Share them with us below! We can always use the extra help…

Dale Bell Is the UK’s leading personal trainer to mums. He helps mums drop weight, boost energy levels & relieve stress without starving themselves or spending hours in the gym. To receive his daily weight loss tips, sign up here.
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