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4 Eye Makeup Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

Spoons aren’t just for shoveling food into your mouth, you know. They have millions of other uses, but since our obsession is all things beauty and fashion, let’s talk about that.

There are the obvious things you could do with a spoon, like mix blush or eye shadow with clear gloss to create a custom shade lip gloss, or fix broken powders by adding alcohol and pressing back into place with the back of a spoon. But today we’re sharing some less obvious tips of how to use spoons to play up your eyes.

Keep a metal spoon in the freezer for puffy-eyed mornings. Just hold the end of the spoon against each eye for 30+ seconds, or massage around the eye to get the fluid moving.

Can’t find your eye-lash curler? Hold a spoon against your eyelid and press lashes back with finger to create a bend. Miranda Kerr uses this trick, and if a blow dryer is nearby, she takes it a step further by warming the spoon first.
Curl Lashes with Spoon

Using the handle, draw an angled line out from the corner of your eye. Flip the spoon over and use the curve to create the shape. Fill in, and voila- easy winged eye liner!

This beauty hack will save you a lot of headache. Hold a spoon at the base of your lashes while applying mascara will prevent getting product all over your skin.

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