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3 Spring Beauty Trend Tutorials to Try Now

This season’s trends have been ruled by bright colors, white eyeliner, and the no-makeup-makeup look. Of them all these are my top picks worth trying and loving: pastel eye shadows, glossy lips, rosy cheeks, and bright orange-red lipsticks.

Pastel Shadows
Spring is the time to wear pastels. Push out of your comfort zone of neutrals and try brighter colors. Are you too afraid to wear it all over the lid? Start off with a little either on the inner corner or outer corner. In this look, I used all Colourpop Cosmetics products. I placed ‘Daddy’ all over the top of my lid and lined my lower lash line with ‘Snap Dragon’. My cheeks are lightly brushed with their ‘Olive’ blush to give my cheeks a soft pale pink look. To finish off the look, I used their ‘Tootsi’ lippie stix and lip liner.

Glossy Lips
Warm spring weather calls for warm blush. Rosy cheeks are a must during this time of year. Aim for medium peaches or pinks to give your cheeks the attention they deserve. Pair your rosy cheeks with lip gloss this season. Spring is all about a dewy, fresh look so what could be better than sheer lips with either a clear gloss or one with a hint of color. My brand choice is Tarte Cosmetics. For the perfect rosy cheek, try their ‘Savored’ blush. And to complement this look, I picked up my lip crème in ‘rare’ and topped it off with their lip-gloss in ‘visionary’.

Bright Orange-Red Lipsticks
What is the perfect lipstick for spring 2015? My answer is orange-red lipsticks. There is most definitely a perfect shade for all skin tones from pale to bright. This color is sure to dazzle with any spring top or casual tee. My favorite long lasting bright red lip product this season is an affordable one! Sephora has great lip stains and this one is the shade ’strawberry kissed’. To help with a flawless application, I used Sephora’s nano lip liner in ‘real red’.

What’s your favorite look for Spring? Tell us below!

Guest Author: Follow uber-talented makeup artist Shannon Le on Instagram, here.


Photos: Shannon Le

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