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26 Statement Bracelets Iris Apfel Would Approve Of

“I think jewelry is absolutely the ultimate accessory because it is the most transformative of all.” A quote from none other than fashion legend Iris Apfel, with whom we happen to whole heartedly agree. Accessories are the pillows to the couch, the frosting to the cake. They can transform even the most plain denim + white tee look into a stylish, unique outfit. Yes, like Apfel, we’re accessory crazy.

If you didn’t already know this and rush to theaters yesterday, another must-see fashion documentary opened: Apfel’s Iris. And in honor of her, it’s only fitting that you show up with an wrist full of candy- arm candy, that is (you might get kicked out for bringing real candy). So Glamour gathered 26 statement bracelets that will up your jewelry game, and that would be Iris-approved. Follow the link below.

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Photos: Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock

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