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25 Things You Should Do This Summer

Go wine tasting…even if it’s in your own backyard…with cheap wine in dixie cups.

Get out of the ponytail rut and try mastering a perfect summer hairstyle, like this.

Watch the sunset…
watch the sunrise…
maybe even on the same night.

Wear flowers in your hair.


Have a friend with a boat? If not, go get one, and invite yourself on their boat as often as feels appropriate.

Take advantage of in-season eats.

Host Sunday brunch + mimosas.

Pick up a canvas and some paints and go to town! (Or you could stay in your own town and just do some panting outside.)

Take your out of style jeans you know you’ll never wear again, and make your own cutoff shorts. Invite some galfriends over and make a party of it.Grab your camera, go to the park, and shoot till your heart’s content.

Make your own watermelon popsicles.

Try having a technology free day…or start with just a night and see where it goes.

Go to the drive in.

Get creative with your summer salads.


Vow to learn something new- a language, a sport, how to knit, etc.

Make a playlist and go for a drive with the windows down.

Have a garden tea party with the gals - big hats and all.

Go somewhere you’ve never been before, even if it’s one town over.

Download a stargazing app and head outside with a blanket at night, and learn to identify stars, planets, and constellations.

Read a totally trashy beach novel.

Eat outside. Drink outside. Read outside. Basically take all indoor activities that you can OUTSIDE!

Plant a garden…or start small with a potted herb or two.

Get lost. Somewhere, anywhere. Take a drive to a new place, walk around an unfamiliar town, etc.

LOVE YOUR BODY! Wear your suit with confidence, and don’t you date skip a pool party for fear of exposing your thighs.

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