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2015 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or just trying to forget romance exists, V-Day is still on it’s way- 1 month, to be exact!

Our message to you single gals? Don’t be “that girl” who lets their ex make them bitter and forget the day is simply about L-O-V-E love, which is NOT exclusive to romantic relationships! You have love for your friends, family, coworkers, dogs, cats, and most importantly, you should have love for YOURSELF!

So don’t let your past have any power over your present! This Valentine’s Day, deck yourself out in shades of pink and red, and celebrate love in all of its glorious forms. And first thing’s first- treat yo self to some cutie-heart gear, because you’re worth it…

Ariel Gordon - Heart Stud Earrings, $220
Ariel Gordon - Heart Ring, $161
Wildfox - Tartan Heart Long Sleeve, $88
Pretty Polly, Heart Detail Tights, $48
Kate Spade - Metro Crystal Bezel Heart Dial Watch, $225
Too Faced - Sweetheart Flush Blush, $30
ASOS LONG FOR - Heart Ballerinas, $42
Rebecca Minkoff - Hey Cutie Heart Pouch, $75
H&M - Heart Flannel Pajamas, $35
B.P. - Heart Shaped Sunglasses, $12
Forever 21 - Candy Heart Socks, $4
ASOS - Skater Skirt with Heart Embellishment, $66

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