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2014’s Most Fashionable Celebrities

Take a look around the celebrity scene and find it flooded with fashion. On movie sets there are stylists to pick wardrobes and help these stars cater to their specific roles. However, what happens when the cameras stop rolling and these celebrities are on their own time? Some choose to be anti-fashion in an attempt to maintain some sort of anonymity while others make desperate attempts to gain attention by any means possible. The truth is that it is a delicate balance to to stand out while maintaining a classy and fashionable appearance.

These four celebrities have made the cut while showcasing their unique styles and impressing even the toughest of critics.

These are just a few of the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood, however there are new contenders for the crown emerging every day.
Renee Jensen is a photographer and fashion writer from Tucson, Arizona. Her interests include television and movies, music, and fashion design.

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