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12 Beauty Uses for Baking Soda (and 1 to Never Try)

You already know we’re quite fond of “kitchen beauty.” The proof is in this DIY blackhead scrub, this coffee and coconut body scrub, or this article about how to use cornstarch in your beauty your beauty routine. Not only does using kitchen products mean that whatever concoction you’re coming up with is so clean you could eat it, but it’s just downright handy to know these little beauty hacks, and there’s a sense of pride you get from making your own products.

So to continue on our kitchen beauty mission, today’s spotlight is on baking soda. It’s not just for absorbing smells in the fridge and making school project volcanos- there are some serious beauty benefits to sodium bicarbonate (its formal name). So follow the link below for 12 beauty uses for baking soda, and 1 you should NEVER try.

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