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10 Ways to Love Yourself

So often do we get wrapped up in our lives that we forget one little thing… ourselves. Taking yourself for granted can lead to more stress or health problems. Make time this week or at least once a week to fulfill at least one of our ten ways to love yourself recommendations. We hope that these handy notes of advice will make you see the importance of loving the life you live!

1. Alone Time

Ahhh, yes. Remember the sound of crickets, the faucet dripping, birds chirping?

We figured you might have to take a second or five. Alone time is critical to reevaluating your day, your goals and getting back to your roots. (Whether that mean your hair color or your culture)

2. “I love me!”

Complimenting yourself isn’t cocky or self-centered. So often do woman wait around for others to compliment them. But my goodness, what if today you looked so good you just HAD to Instagram it? Well then do it! Make yourself known to the world in a positive way and compliments will follow with a genuine smile.

3. Read.

Whether you are reading the latest issue of Health Beauty Life or spending an evening (alone) at Barnes and Noble, grab your favorite book or magazine and focus your attention on a different story for today.

4. Change Your Routine

If your routine is set day by day, try creating minor shifts in your pattern. For instance, if waiting anxiously in like for your favorite Starbucks is your general morning run, how about a real morning run or buy some coffee for your house and spend more time in the a.m. reading that good ol’ fashioned paper.

5.  Get the Look.

Finding a new look can be exhausting. How about choosing a few items that change the way your typical outfit appears? If your hair is straight try wavy, if your jeans are always dark opt for a color and if you rarely wear lipbalm then go for a red or bright pink lipstick. These are affordable changes that won’t leave you spending hours at the mall.

6. Evaluate Your Food

Raise your hand if you watch everything you eat? Us either. So love your curves and your health. by observing your food intake for a few days. But don’t shock your system by eliminating everything in one dose. Reduce certain snacks first, that diet coke at 2 p.m. or those late night sea salt chocolates. Try a yerba matte tea and some trail mix for dessert.

7. Move your body!

Scream, shout, let it all out! Britney has this right. Walk around, get outside, do some jumping jacks, a 15 minute run or even a good stretch can really release stress, muscle tension and get your blood pumping!

8. Know your rights.

Everyone has their right to an opinion. Stop being passive with your beliefs, start expressing yourself, personality and style by believing in what YOU believe.

9. Go to bed early!

Catching up on those Zzz’s can equate to some serious beauty rest and a more alert morning.

10. Do something good for somebody else.

Doing something nice for someone you love can make you see the good in you and your heart. Make your hubby a romantic dinner, spend a Saturday with your Grandma or support a foundation that is close to your heart.

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