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10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Look This Spring

The flowers are blooming, which means it’s time to update your look. Here are 10 tips that will put a spring in your step and have you looking absolutely fabulous.

1. Exfoliate Your Pretty Face

It’s essential to slough off that dead, Winter skin and reveal a fresh, smooth layer underneath. There are a few ways to do this; you can exfoliate chemically, using lactic or salicylic acid. Or you can exfoliate physically using a sugar scrub or a cleanser with fine microbeads.

2. Chop Off Some Length

Get your hair off your neck before the Summer heat wave comes rolling in. If you’re feeling brave, opt for a pixie cut. If you want a longer look, cut your locks into a structured bob. Or look to recent celeb cut and color changes as inspo.

3. Update Your Wardrobe

There are a few Spring basics that never go out of style. Now is the time to invest in that trench coat you’ve always wanted, splurge on a lightweight cashmere sweater, or purchase a new pair of wellies. Bonus: quality classic cuts, when given the proper care, can last years.

4. Experiment With Color…

in your hair, your makeup routine, and your style! Spring is the perfect season for trying new things and reinventing yourself. Explore new facets of your look. Take the plunge and buy that lavender lipstick. Wear a shade you previously avoided. Break the rules! There are no rules!

5. Get a Pedicure

The revival of your open-toed sandals means your pedicure game needs to be on point! Book a session at your favorite salon, take a beach read, and treat yourself!

6. Improve Your Skin’s Texture and Tone

It’s never too early to face your hyperpigmentation issues. As you spend more time outdoors, it’s essential that your protect your complexion with sunscreen AND deal with pre-existing sunspots. The right products will make this easier, leaving you with an even tone.

7. Eat Clean

Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein will help you to achieve your fitness goals and give you glowing skin. So put down the processed foods and opt for something natural instead. Hang your bathing suit on a hook as a source of motivation.

8. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Face it! Unless you’re diligent about hygiene, your beauty tools have been collecting bacteria all winter. Give them a gentle wash (here’s how the experts do it). Who knows, it may decrease breakouts. Oh, and while you’re at it, wash your pillow cases, too!

9. Deep Condition

The dry, winter weather and excessive heating can leave your strands thirsty and brittle. Use a deep condition like one of these once a week for lustrous, frizz free locks. And don’t worry, plenty of drugstore brands offer great options. No breaking the bank necessary.

10. Self Care - Make Time to Meditate

You’ve covered physical beauty. Now it’s time to give your soul a space to reflect and grow. Try to fit meditation into your day. This can be in the form of a walk, a devoted practice, yoga, or even a few quiet moments of unplugged silence. Whatever your preference, take the time to slow down and get in touch with your true self.

Have any Spring tips? Leave your comments in the space below.

Guest Author: Gwen Lewis is a So Cal based makeup artist and writer of Skintrium. Through her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others look and feel great. In her free time, she enjoy shopping and pick-up soccer games friends.


By: Gwen Lewis

Photos: Shutterstock

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