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10 Love Lessons Romance Novels Taught Me

Ladies: Love is difficult at the best of times. The squeal-worthy feeling of in-love-ness doesn’t last forever, and eventually we are faced with a person we chose while we were letting our libido rule our choices. Choosing wisely is paramount, even for a short love affair. Gut reactions can be the best ones, but we need a measure of caution along with that sexual attraction that gets an initial love affair off to a wonderful beginning.

No one understands love better than a romance novelist. When you’re in the business of dreaming up steamy love scenes and intense relationships, you learn a lot along the way. We asked the authors behind Passion & Danger, a new 10 book set, to share their ultimate love lesson for achieving a happily ever after from each of their 10 stories.

Lesson #1: When love is staring you in the face, don’t push it away.
Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace

Lesson #2: Guarding your heart too well can lead to heartbreak.
Stolen in Paradise by Toby Neal Love

Lesson #3: Be true to yourself.
Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne

Lesson #4: Love should make you feel good about yourself.
Revenge by Dana Delamar

Lesson #5: When a relationship is over, don’t rebound too fast.
The Dream Jumper’s Promise by Kim Hornsby

Lesson #6: One-sided love is not worth your time and emotional energy.
Soul Seducer by Alicia Dean

Lesson #7: Even with good intentions, secrets can be devastating.
Love on the Ropes by Pat White

Lesson #8: A bad boy can make life interesting for a while, but a good man will make love possible for a lifetime.
Some Day Somebody by Lori Leger

Lesson #9: Sometimes the timing is wrong no matter how much you love.
The Good Daughter by Diana Layne

Lesson #10: Love, not guilt, is the only healer for a wounded heart.
An Eye for Danger by Christine M. Fairchild

Choose wisely and enjoy the ride, remembering that no one person is absolutely perfect and if you find you need to put a little Passion & Danger into your lives, reading romance is a wonderful distraction!


A portion of proceeds from the Passion & Danger 10-book set goes to fund Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Foundation for Thymic Cancer.


By: Kim Hornsby

Photos: igormakarov/Shutterstock

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One comment on “10 Love Lessons Romance Novels Taught Me
  1. Lori Leger says:

    Thanks for highlighting the Love Lessons learned from our Passion & Danger boxed set!

    L. Leger

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