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6 Winter Skin Secrets

winter skin The best tips for Winter Skin Secrets!

1. Use a cream moisturizer during winter months that is is rich in oil and nutrients.

2. Take warm showers or baths instead of using hot water. Hot water can take the skins natural oils out of the skin.

3.  Humidify your room! Purchasing a humidifier can help keep your skin feeling more moist. Go for one that fits your budget and your room size!

4. Cracked hands and feet can be painful during the winter- use Vaseline or any type of Petroleum jelly. Place gloves or socks on your hands or feet before bed and awake feeling softer in no time.

5. Get soft lips with shea butter chap stick that absorbs into the skin and will leave your pout feeling shiny and new.

6. Try a thick creamy shampoo like Enjoy Professional Hair Care’s Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner system it will lock in moisturizer and help tame itchy scalp and static-like frizz.


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