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Wearing a Robe in Public is Finally a “Do”

Wearing a Robe in Public is Finally a “Do”

The lazy girl inside of all of us is rejoicing over the rising pajama, leisurewear trend. Because who hasn’t felt the desire to run errands in their robe? Well now you can. But ah-ah-ah, we’re not talking about your pepto-bismol pink, fluffy robe, or anything you would see on Walmart.com. We’re talking super chic, silk, sheer, or other light fabric kimono-style robes, which are still completely cozy-comfortable, but runway-approved fashionable. Better yet, follow the link below for some examples of bloggers all over the world sporting the trend correctly before trying it for yourself. 

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Photo Source: Frau Morgenstern, shot in Germany for Frau Morgenstern, via Lookbook


Photos: Frau Morgenstern for Lookbook

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