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This Chart Shows How Ridiculous Women’s Clothing Sizes Are

This Chart Shows How Crazy Women's Clothing Sizes Actually Are

Image Source: WikiMedia.com

It’s no secret that not all sizes are created equal. We’re talking even the same sizes from different brands. Because we all have a store where we squeeze into one size, then we walk next door and have to go up two sizes. Ugh. You’ve probably even heard your grandma or your mom complain about how the sizes have changed over the years. Well that’s not just another inflated “back in my day” story. The Washington Post collected data from the American Society of Testing and Materials to create a chart that shows just how much sizes have changed over the last 50 years, so much so that Marilyn Monroe, who wore a size 12, would be wearing anything from a 00 to an 8 today. Follow the link below to see just how B.S. women’s size charts are.

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Photos: WikiMedia.org

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