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The Working Woman: Balance and Baby

working woman and baby As technology has increased and society has changed, family is no longer the only concern for women.

Women may want to finish school, start careers and just enjoy life before settling down into motherhood. However there can be pressure for a women to have a child the older she gets.  As women age there is the possibility for complications and precautions.

Finding your Balance

How do you balance your changing life from business to baby? On one end of the scale you have biology, fertility, and the internal clock that all women are born with. On the other hand you have the demands of a modern world, marriage, and work.  Yet within your lifestyle you have the instinct to have a family and care for your newborn. Many women who are nearing their late 20’s to 30’s often ask ” when is the best age to really start a family?”

The answer of course varies from one woman to another. Generally speaking, women in their late teens and their 20s are at some of the most fertile points in their lives. By age thirty the biological clock begins to tick, and after 35 getting pregnant can be actively dangerous in some circumstances. While it isn’t impossible for older women to have children, it is a lot harder than it would have been in early years.

Determine what works best for you

Many working women today now wait till about the age of 30 to start having babies and beginning a family.On the one hand, this could lead to problems physically. The risk: 30-35 is a much narrower age gap to begin a family, and especially if a woman wants to have a bigger family. On the other hand though, waiting till later in life can save a lot of issues that younger women might likely experience. Women that wait till their late 20s tend to be married or to have resources and careers that allow them to provide for their family comfortably. Other pro’s include being potentially more experienced or mature and in general more ready to be a new mommy!

It’s a delicate balancing act when you decide to start a family. You need to be sure that you have the time both in your relationship, your career and your everyday lifestyle to make room for your new baby to be


Helen Laird is a writes for a company who specializing in fertility monitors.

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