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The Winter Scarf in 3 Ways

scarves As the weather turns crisp, we begin to search our closets for fashionable comfort clothing or accessories that provide cozy warmth with style and elegance.

A quick glimpse at the runway and at social media forums confirms that scarves in a wide range of designs, fabrics, and colors are key versatile pieces for fashion divas this season. Wardrobe Staples Re-Imagined Scarves are not a new trend, and we all have one or two classic scarves that can be reintroduced to our looks in new, trendy ways. Pull out the pashmina, the muffler, the pareo sarong, the wrap, and the hand-knitted or crocheted scarf from storage and consider how you might breathe new life into these old favorites.

Tried and True Pashmina

Pashmina scarves and wraps have consistently reappeared on the fashion scene over the past 10 years because of the inherent softness and comfort of its cashmere made from Himalayan goats, but it may be time to rethink how you wear this decade-old accessory. Wrap your neck—either tightly or loosely—with your pashmina for a quick splash of color to a basic black pencil skirt and a tailored blouse, or double up the pashmina, place it around your neck, and pass the ends through the loop in the Parisian fashion to add softness and luxurious elegance to an oversized sweater, skinny-fit jeans, and ankle boots.

Warm, Cozy Mufflers

Muffler scarves are historical and functional, but, most importantly they are fashionable. Worn close the neck, mufflers may not have a lot of tying options, but variety lies in the abundance of colors, patterns, and fabrics appearing on the runway. For weekend wear, choose a light cardigan layered over a cami with comfortable boyfriend jeans and loafers. Choose a bright, warm muffler scarf to draw attention to your face and hair. Elevate your little black dress and pretty pumps with a fur (or faux fur) muffler for an updated ensemble for a dinner out.

Add Another Use to the Pareo Sarong’s List

One of the most versatile scarves is the Tahitian sarong, a summer staple that transitions well to your fall wardrobe. Beyond using this accessory as a beach cover-up, a skirt, a dress, and a halter top—just to name a few—the Pareo Sarong’s fullness makes it a wise choice for a turban or a figure eight knot. With a bit of practice, the figure eight knot has a polished appearance and creates some visual interest. Combine a whimsical sarong scarf with an asymmetrical sweater shrug layered over a fitted long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jewel-toned leggings and a pair of comfortable sneakers for trendy weekend wear. Somewhere in Between Perfect for the transitional weather of fall, the wrap can serve multiple purposes: scarf, light cover, and fashion statement. Whereas you probably have one or two of the aforementioned scarves already draped in your closet ready to be reimagined for 2012, it is worth a bit of cash to procure a trendy wrap or two. Shop for wraps in this year’s fall and winter colors—such as burgundy, jade, or a rich brown—in bold animal prints, with elements of leather or gold, or with touches of fur (Both real and faux furs are widely available this season.).

Consider items in your wardrobe that you already love and wear regularly in your purchasing decision. For example, if you have a sapphire blue off-the-shoulder evening dress that fills you with confidence, extend this dress’s wearability with an ebony or silver wrap stole to through over your shoulders as the weather begins to cool. However you decide to tailor scarves to your wardrobe, they are a fashion necessity for this fall and winter. Versatile and inexpensive, scarves add the finishing touch to any ensemble.

Deena Walters is a nurse, a mother of three, and a fashion writer for Uncomfortable Foot. She has daily foot pain due to years of walking and standing in bad shoes in hospitals, so she considers it her mission to help people find comfort shoes for every day use.

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