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The State That Sells The Most Push-Up Bras Is…

The State That Sells The Most Push-Up Bras Is...

Image Source: AdoreMe.com

Well, well, well, ladies, online lingerie seller Adore Me has acquired some very interesting, and quite revealing statistics about the lingerie choices of women across the country. Like that more push-up bras are purchased in North Carolina than any other state, with the runner’s up being Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Alabama. Women in those states also buy more red lingerie than any other color.

Other interesting “unmentionable” facts? The company’s biggest market for corsets is the midwest, and unlike the southern states, the Northeast tends to buy its underpinnings in simple, muted colors (black, gray, and white are the top three shades). Also, over 50 percent of states prefer being pants-free at night time, opting to sleep in nighties and gowns that leave their legs bare.

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Photos: AdoreMe.com

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