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The New Way to Wear Scarves In Your Hair, +Texture 101

The New Way to Wear Scarves In Your Hair, +Texture 101

Looking for a new way to wear a scarf in your hair? Then giiiiirl, you are going to LOVE this video tutorial with Bruce Masefield, the Creative Director at Sassoon. Not only will you learn a new scarf trick, but he shows you how to use several beauty tools to fake beach-blown texture. So grab your favorite scarf and follow the link below to see how it’s done, and we guarantee you’ll be the chicest sun goddess by the pool this weekend. 

SUGGESTION: When you watch the video, notice how dang cute the scarf is when tied into the braid. We wanted to point out that you can even stop there if you want, or continue to pin the braid around the head (as seen above in the photo).  Either way is equally as chic!

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Photos: getthegloss.com

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