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The 3-Ingredient DIY Serum That Will Give You Thicker Brows

The 3-Ingredient DIY Serum That Will Give You Thicker Brows

Right next to things we dream most often of, like calorie-free cupcakes and a Hemsworth brother look-alike boyfriend who’s obsessed with us (either bro will do), are thicker brows. Because sure, you can plump them up with makeup every morning, but there’s a limit to the power of pencils and waxes.

Well according to eye-specialist and esthetician, Denise Wilson, at Sublime Eyes, a walk-in brow bar in Hollywood, there’s a simple (and cheap) DIY solution you can fit into your nightly routine that will promote hair growth. 

According to Wilson, “apply a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil each night by rubbing it into the brow with a q-tip or your finger and keep it on until morning. Pay attention to the areas where you are no longer growing new or thick hair. It’s an old beauty secret we’ve been using at the salon to help clients achieve a fuller brow and even out hair. Clients usually see results in a few months.”

A few months may sound long, but that’s nothing when you think of the payout- bold, beautiful brows. 

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