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Surviving Football Season, Without Packing on the Pounds!

surviving football season

Fall not only signals cooler weather, but the beginning of the football and holiday seasons. With delicious goodies being passed around all season long, your waistline may be in danger. Frequent social gatherings lead to an abundance of tasty, yet calorically dense foods. So how does one fight the temptation? With a few tips and tricks, the chill in the air doesn’t have to mean the end of your summer bod.

Be Prepared

Let’s be honest- the likelihood of you stopping at the gym after a social gathering isn’t likely, so try getting your workout in before your event. Exercising early in the day will have you feeling invigorated and charged-up, and hopefully less likely to mull the snack table!

Chicken wings, chips and other party food regulars won’t help you maintain your girlish figure, a fact often set aside when you’re starving, and a plate of brownies is starring you in the face. Eating a small, healthy snack before heading out will help you from gorging on junk. Keeping a nutrition bar stashed in your bag is another way great way fend off hunger pains.

Take Control

Instead of leaving the fate of your food choices up to your hosts, why not bring a few snacks to share? Simple dip recipes substituting out fattening sour cream for plain Greek yogurt are easy to find. A quick dip made from ranch dressing mix and plain, non-fat Greek yogurt is a great example. Pair that with fresh veggies or baked pita chips, and you can skip the greasy chips with pre-made dips without sacrificing flavor. Other healthy snack options include a mix of raw or dry-roasted nuts, fruit salad, or mini-quiche bites.

For some calorie burning, encourage friends and guests to get active. During halftime, go outside and throw a football around. Not only will you get your heart rate up, but you’ll have a little fun doing so.

Everything in Moderation

If you’re unable to bring your own snacks, the key to remember is everything in moderation. Of course the greasy pizza tastes amazing, but limit yourself to one slice. The game came be a distraction, but take time to savor your food. Try to position yourself far from the food table, and start with a small plate of snacks. If you’re still hungry after that settles, you can always get more. And be sure to drink plenty of water! Often times we are fooled into thinking we’re hungry our body was actually yearning for hydration.

The same advice holds true when it comes to indulging in alcoholic beverages- enjoy them in moderation. Avoid sugary drinks, opting for a glass or wine or light beer, and try to stick with using club soda as a mixer.

By following the few tips above, you’ll be able to get through the football season and holidays while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and without packing on the pounds.

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Author Bio: Elyssa Hill is the owner of  http://adventureofe.blogspot.com/

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